Finding the best 401(k) Provider

Hiring the right plan advisor matters and can have a huge impact on retirement savings for your participants.

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Types of 401(k) providers

A plan sponsor hires three different types of providers to manage their 401(k) plan. Each provider plays a unique role within your small business's retirement plan.

Plan Advisor

A plan advisor helps the plan sponsor and participants with plan and investment management. Hire the plan advisor first to help coordinate selection of the TPA and recordkeeper.

Record Keeper

A record keeper keeps track of the contribution types in the retirement plan. The recordkeeper also maintains the plan website, and distributes plan statements.

Third Party Administrator

A TPA takes care of certain administrative aspects of the plan. For example, the TPA maintains the plan document, performs annual compliance testing, and prepares the Form 5500.

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How to Shop for a Plan Advisor

Watch this short video from a Fisher Retirement Plan Specialist to learn how to shop for the right advisor for your business's retirement plan.

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8 Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Plan Advisor

Find out the 8 most critical questions to ask when evaluating a new plan advisor for your small business.

Plan Advisor Evaluation Template

Save time by downloading our complimentary provider evaluation template.

Plan Advisor Comparison Chart

Compare the differences between a one star, two star, three star and four star plan advisor.

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8 Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Plan Advisor
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