Employer 401(k) Management

Employer 401(k) Management: Save Time with Professional Services

You can save time managing a 401(k) plan by hiring an adviser like Fisher Investments, which specializes in employer 401(k) plan management. Get an advocate who will support you in your day-to-day 401(k) management responsibilities.

Our Employer 401(k) Professional Service Team Will:

  • Review your 401(k) plan health, features, and compliance
  • Coordinate and advocate with other service providers
  • Manage your investment fund lineup and more
  • Field employee questions
  • Handle 401(k) loans, distributions, and rollovers

You can depend on Fisher Investments to be the center of your 401(k) plan, from navigating relationships with recordkeepers and TPAs to assisting with audits, managing your plan funds, and more. With a single point of contact looking out for you, you don’t have to wonder who to call for what, because we’ll take care of it for you.

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Employer Services That Count

45% Participation Increase 85% Contribution Increase 98% Client Retention

Employer 401(k) Management: Simplified for your Busy Schedule

We have dedicated professionals to help with the operations of your 401(k) plan. You'll have an advocate who will support you by keeping your 401(k) plan on track and compliant. Plus, we provide 401(k) educational training and investment guidance for you and your employees. It’s easy to reach us online or by phone, and we’ll answer without an automated phone tree.

We also have in-depth resources available if you’re interested in learning more about 401(k) plan management. The 401(k) Resource Library has articles, videos and tools to help you manage your company's 401(k) plan.

Small businesses place the greatest value on having a simple and easy to maintain 401(k) plan.

Source: Fisher Investments 2018 Survey of Small Business Plan Sponsors

Full Retirement Plan Support for Your Business

Reduce your retirement plan to-do list with Full Cycle Plan Management Services.

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Employer Services Checklist

Employer 401(k) Management: Fiduciary Protection for you

What's the difference between an advisor and a Fisher Investments 401(k) adviser? We are a full fiduciary and will act in the best interest of  your employees, providing superior service every day. And, as a fiduciary, we will take on your responsibility for choosing, monitoring, and updating the funds in your company 401(k).

Use this Employer Services Checklist

Use this Employer Services Checklist to see if you’re getting all the services you and your business deserve. We find proactive employee services have the biggest impact on enrollment, savings rates, and your business’s culture of savings. When your employees save into your company’s 401(k), it not only helps everyone at your company save for retirement, it also allows owners and highly-compensated employees to save up to the maximum allowed by the Internal Revenue Service per year.

401(k) Management Services

Simple Transition Process: Find out if changing your adviser should also include changing recordkeepers and TPAs. It’s not always necessary to change all your service providers to get better 401(k) service. We can help you evaluate what partner options are going to be best for your business, and if a transition is needed, we can make it as simple as possible.

401(k) Compliance: You’ll be able to rely on us to:

  • Gather audit file documentation;
  • Help review plan compliance testing results and opportunities for improvement
  • Stay ahead of important deadlines (like for Form 5500);
  • And even take care of a lot of the work for you so that your plan stays on track and healthy.

Plus, you’ll get full 3(38) fiduciary protection for your business. By hiring a 3(38) Investment Manager, you’re delegating to us your fiduciary responsibility to choose, manage and update your 401(k) fund lineup. And you can rest assured we’ll make decisions that are in the best interest of your participants.

401(k) Plan Professionals

Dedicated Retirement Counselor: Your company will work with a dedicated Retirement Counselor, which is a unique role in the industry focused only on helping small businesses get the most out of their 401(k). Retirement Counselors are not sales people; they provide administrative support and regular plan reviews, coordinate with other 401(k) service providers and help keep your plan on track for any government deadlines.

Proactive Employee Services: Our dedicated support team consists of 401(k) professionals who provide investment guidance and education, one-on-one meetings, proactive enrollment calls, 401(k) loan processing and more. You and your employees will receive financial education and investment guidance in order to be setup on a path to retirement.

Employer 401(k) Focus

Small and Mid-Size Business 401(k) Specialization: Our services are not broker-sold, and our only business is retirement plans. Our client-first approach helps us deliver specialized services for businesses. We do not try to upsell unnecessary products or services. We’re focused on helping your business set up a retirement plan that meets your goals and helps you and your employees save for retirement.

Customized 401(k) Investment Solutions: We are an institutional money manager, directly managing funds, and fund lineups. Our investment strategy is led by our Investment Policy Committee and internal research department, and we are constantly assessing market shifts and their potential impact on our clients’ portfolios. Our investment solutions span several categories, including the funds included in your retirement plan’s offering, the best investment options for different types of investors, and investment education and guidance for employees.

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