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45% Participation Increase 85% Contribution Increase


Retirement planning isn’t easy to understand. We know that your employees aren’t all investing experts—and they don’t have to be. Our team of 401(k) specialists is ready to help your employees get the most out of your company retirement plan. We do this in a number of ways.

Personalized Help for Your Employees

Employees who are unable to attend the 401(k) enrollment day will receive a personal follow-up call to ensure that they have an opportunity to enroll and start saving. And if you hire new employees prior to our next on-site meeting with you, they’ll receive proactive contact from our Service Team once they’re eligible to enroll in the plan. Additionally, your employees have access to resources, like quarterly newsletters, that provide a helping hand on their journey toward a comfortable retirement.

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Your employees can reach out to our Service Team—which includes the same individuals who enrolled your employees on-site—at our Employee 401(k) Help Desk with any requests they may have. Whether they need to change their deferral rate, request a 401(k) loan, or have paperwork processed on their behalf, your employees will have a real person to talk to when they need help. And it’s one direct phone number—not a phone tree.



Every employee and executive will have the opportunity to sit one-on-one with a member of our Service Team to tailor a retirement savings strategy that fits their unique family, life, and retirement goals. Whether they already have their nest egg started or are new to the process, our Service Team helps each employee navigate the setup of their retirement account. This includes helping your employees select their investments (or a Fisher model portfolio) and decide how much they’d like to save out of each paycheck to meet their goals. And if your business has multiple locations, we can arrange visits to make sure every employee has access to the same quality 401(k) education and one-on-one time with a retirement expert.

And our focus on one-on-one education works: Fisher 401(k) clients experience a 45% increase in employee participation, and an 85% increase in deferral rates on average.1


  • Personalized Planning: Rather than determining whether they’d prefer to be “aggressive” or “conservative” with their investments, a 401(k) specialist will help your employees determine a goal for retirement, and a pathway to achieve that goal.
  • Investment Education: Employees will receive a walkthrough of the different types of investments available to them in the plan, along with help determining how the investments they select fit with their long-term goals.
  • Flexible Investing: Fisher’s investing platform makes it easy for all of your employees to invest—from those who want nothing to do with making investment decisions, to those who want control over their individual investments.
  • Multilingual Educational Services: Enrollment meetings and written materials may be available in the language of your preference.

Interested in learning more about what makes our enrollment day unique? Read why it works to customize 401(k) enrollment day for your employees and find out how we impact 401(k) participation rates.


Employees who understand how to save for their future—and start saving early—are more likely to accomplish their retirement goals. Our educational enrollment materials, from the company-wide presentation to individual meetings with your employees, take into account the unique demographics of your business and what your 401(k) plan offers your employees. These custom services are built around information that is designed to be relevant to your employees’ lives.

Our goal is to support your employees and help them achieve their retirement goals—whatever they are. Our Service Team does not sell your employees additional products or services. We do our best to make sure your employees are getting the most out of your company 401(k) plan, and understand their unique roadmap to achieving their retirement goals.

1 Fisher Investments 401(k) Solutions enrollment data as of 12/31/2020

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