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Employers are often in the difficult position of having employees ask them for help with their investments—including questions you may not have the time or expertise to answer. However, employees need investing education and support in order to take full advantage of the retirement benefits you’re offering.

Whether your employees are seasoned investors or enrolling in a retirement plan for the first time, we’re here to provide them with the support they need to meet their retirement goals. Read more about our investment approach, investing options for your employees, and our firm’s global view on investing.


Your Service Team stays engaged with your employees long after they’ve enrolled in the retirement plan. They’ll hear from us regularly—and not because we want to sell them a new investment product—because communication is important in helping your employees stay comfortable with their investment strategy. And your employees can always reach out to the 401(k) Help Desk with account requests.



When we meet with each employee one-on-one, we’ll discuss their investment knowledge and their comfort level with choosing investments. Fisher Investments offers 401(k) investing support for all levels of investing savviness, and we provide support for your employees based on their goals.

  • Do It For Me – For employees who don’t want to make decisions about how to invest their retirement money. These employees aren’t experienced with investing and aren't sure how to build a retirement portfolio that is aligned with their retirement goals. We provide the support they need to feel confident in their investment selections.

  • Guide Me – For employees who want some involvement in selecting their investments, but aren't confident doing it on their own. In our one-on-one sessions with your employees, we'll use our Retirement Navigator tool to help them identify retirement goals and select the investments aligned with those goals.

  • Select My Own Fund Mix – For employees who have strong preferences regarding their retirement portfolio allocation, this option gives them the investment flexibility and options they need.

  • Open My Own Brokerage Account – Your most investment-savvy employees can choose to manage their own Self-Directed Brokerage Account with a wide array of investment options available, including thousands of mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. If they choose, your employees can also hire an outside adviser to manage their assets.*



Fisher Investments is a Registered Investment Adviser with a transparent, flat fee structure. We are unbiased towards employee investment selections and do not have any incentive to sell high-cost investments.

Common Industry Approach Compared to Fisher's Approach to Employee Investment Guidance

Gauging Market Conditions

The typical risk tolerance approach gauges short-term feelings about the market, asking investors whether they want to invest more “aggressively” or “conservatively”

Fisher takes a long-term approach— looking 10, 20, or 30 years ahead—and we provide guidance based on long-term trends to empower employees to make better investment decisions


Without a longer-term vision for retirement goals, investments become misaligned and your employees’ retirement account performance is at risk.

Your Service Team will discuss details such as future income needs and personal health to help employees customize their investments to match their retirement goals


Investing based on short-term market conditions requires employees to be market-savvy and to actively-manage their investments

Goals-based investment decisions are less likely to become outdated in the near term and more likely to remain consistent over market cycles so employees don’t need to be experts


Employees grouped by high, medium, or low risk tolerance results in generic investment decisions that don’t reflect your employees’ unique, personal lives

Fisher’s approach supports employees’ individual goals and helps them build confidence in their financial well-being and retirement future


Your company's fund lineup is selected by the Fisher Investment Policy Committee (IPC)—a five-member team with more than 130 years of combined industry experience, led by Chief Investment Officer and firm founder Ken Fisher. Many advisers and money managers specialize in only specific areas of the market, or utilize only specific investing strategies. But in our experience, no single strategy is superior all the time—and no money manager correctly predicts market trends every time.

The IPC analyzes global markets, identifies the most attractive investments, and actively advises those investments. Fisher also employs a large team of investment professionals who analyze industries in regions and countries around the world, as well as the individual securities available as investments.

The U.S. only makes up about half of the total value of the global stock market—meaning that some of the best-run and fastest-growing companies are somewhere else in the world. Investing globally helps diversify your employees’ retirement savings, allowing for more investment opportunities that other money managers might miss, and reduce volatility over time.

* An SDBA may not be appropriate for every plan or every employee. Your 401(k) custodian determines the maximum percentage of an employee’s 401(k) assets that may be invested in an SDBA. Employees may choose any investment adviser, or no investment adviser, to manage the assets in their SDBA. If Fisher Investments serves as a fiduciary under ERISA with respect to an employee’s SDBA, the plan’s fiduciaries will not be liable for the employee’s selection of Fisher Investments. It is important to note that any services provided by Fisher Investments through an SDBA at an additional fee are not considered a feature of the plan, and therefore, each employee who elects to engage Fisher Investments in this regard must enter into a separate arrangement with Fisher Investments.

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