Retirement benefits can often mean the difference between a loyal salesperson and a temporary one.

Make your 401(k) a stronger employee benefit

If you’ve got a company retirement plan at your retail business, you are probably well aware of the many benefits that offering a retirement plan can mean to your sales team.

Many employees find a 401(k) to be a top benefit in their workplace. According to the 2019 Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies Survey, 81% of workers agree that all else being equal, the retirement benefits offered by an employer would play a major role in future employment decisions.

But what does “a better retirement plan” look like? It starts with a service provider that specializes in your business and closely serves the needs of you and your employees.

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We’re dedicated to helping you create and maintain a plan that fits your business

When you become a Fisher Investments 401(k) Solutions client, we assign you a dedicated Retirement Counselor—your single point of contact for your plan service needs. From managing people to managing inventory, you have enough on your hands. Your Retirement Counselor:

  • Helps you manage the change, complexity, flexibility, and risks surrounding your 401(k) plan
  • Reviews potential plan features and provides insights as to which features best match the needs of your workforce, company culture, and competitive advantages
  • Takes on your 401(k)-related paperwork, giving you more time to run your business and serve your customers

Putting your employees on
the path to retirement readiness

Your employees need three things to help them get the most out of your company retirement plan:

  1. The education to invest their funds properly
  2. Different investment options that allow them to invest the way they want
  3. Ongoing support to help them stay on the path to meeting their retirement goals


Enrollment Rates


Defferral Rates

High touch service at no extra cost

Fisher Investments 401(k) Solutions’ unique approach to the 401(k) market is working. On average, we have helped boost enrollment rates by 45% and participant deferral rates by 85%,* meaning more employees are putting money away for retirement with their company-sponsored 401(k) and they are saving more in the process.

  • Investment Styles - We have investment options for experienced investors and those who want support and education.
  • Employee 401(k) Support Center - Our service team meets with your employees in-person for one-on-one enrollment meetings to review each employee’s individual retirement goals and guide them through their personal 401(k) account set up.
  • Ongoing Education - Your employees receive follow-up support via employee newsletters, visits to work sites for continuing education, and a live-person Help Desk.

* Fisher 401(k) Solutions enrollment data as of 12/31/2020.

Service catered to your unique employee base—
wherever they may be in life

  • Your company’s employees are probably a diverse group in many different ways—from their backgrounds to their current job roles, and more. We customize your enrollment day and presentations to fit the unique demographics of your teams.
  • If your retail business has multiple locations, our service team can visit each location and help educate your employees on how to invest to best meet their retirement goals.
  • All of our discussions with your employees are focused on helping them achieve a comfortable retirement.
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