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How do you get the best 401(k) for small business?

If your small business offers a 401(k) plan, you already know what a great—and very important—benefit it can be to your employees. Considering the average working-age household has virtually no retirement savings,* encouraging your employees to save for a secure retirement can help ensure that the people you work with every day are ready for retirement on their terms.

Fisher Investments 401(k) Solutions is here to improve America's retirement readiness, starting with customization that suits your business needs, one-on-one employee enrollment and education meetings, and a dedicated single point of contact to get your employees' questions answered.

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Customized Small Business 401(k) Plans

When you partner with Fisher Investments 401(k) Solutions, you’ll experience service tailor-made for your unique business needs. Because we specialize in small business 401(k) plans, your plan is anything but small to us. You will receive a level of high-touch service typically reserved only for large corporations—and we guarantee it with our Service Level Guarantee.

Fisher Investments 401(k) Solutions is dedicated to bringing custom mid-sized and small business 401(k) retirement plan services to their employees. Business owners benefit from the ongoing support of their dedicated Retirement Counselor, whose focus is helping them manage their retirement plan while putting their employees on the path toward a comfortable retirement. Find out how Fisher can help customize a retirement plan solution for your business.

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An enrollment day unlike any other

A small business 401(k) plan can be a great benefit to your employees—but they have to enroll to see its true benefits. And that's where we come in. Our single goal on enrollment day is to create a customized day to ensure every employee in every location gets the help and education they need.

  • We provide your employees with the education they need to make informed decisions with their investments, with customized enrollment day presentations that are based on important details of your business like group size, job site dynamics, language and more.
  • We know retirement planning is personal. That’s why we have private one-on-one sessions with each employee to allow them to ask questions, discuss their unique situation and clarify what they’re hoping to get from their 401(k). Is this industry practice? No. Is it worth it? Yes.

Our focus on education translates to an average increase in
401(k) enrollment rate of 45% in the businesses that we work with

Learn more about a customized 401(k) enrollment day.

Fisher 401(k) Solutions enrollment data as of 12/31/2020.

A 401(k) Plan for Small Business

Small Business 401(k) Services Built Around You

From taking on your responsibility for managing your fund’s line up to reducing your ongoing day-to-day 401(k) paperwork, Fisher 401(k) creates a better plan experience for you, and a better service experience for your employees. It all begins with your Retirement Counselor—your dedicated single point of contact.

  • Your Retirement Counselor is not a sales person and will not earn money for selling you more products
  • Your Retirement Counselor will coordinate and assist you with your day-to-day 401(k) responsibilities, relieving you of some of your administrative paperwork
  • Your employees have access to our Employee 401(k) Support Center—staffed with real people, which means your team has one phone number to call to get their questions answered

We serve the retirement needs of you and your employees from end-to-end so that you can focus on doing what you do best: Running your business and serving your customers.

did you know?

Roughly 59 million U.S. workers are employed by small business.**

Small businesses represent more than 99% of all employers!

U.S. Small Business Administration 2019

65% of workers are offered employee-funded retirement plans.

Transamerica Retirement Survey of Workers 2019

54% of workers of small companies are likely to agree they are building a large enough nest egg.

Transamerica Retirement Survey 2019

* National Institute on Retirement Security. Retirement in America: Out of Reach for Most Americans? September 2018

** U.S. Small Business Administration

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