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The powerful tax strategy for business owners.

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How a Cash Balance Plan Works

We know something you should know. There's a huge tax benefit that no one has told you about. You can save up to $100K or more1 on your tax bill by adding a Cash Balance Plan to your company's 401(k) Program.

  • What is a Cash Balance Plan?

    A Cash Balance Plan is a type of retirement plan that allows business owners to contribute up to $407,500 per year. Contribution limits are based on the age of the owner.  

  • Why it's important

    A Cash Balance Plan takes advantage of a business expense that an owner can keep, deduct from profits, and let grow tax-deferred.  Owners can fund a sizable portion of retirement savings using money they would have paid in taxes.

  • How Fisher can help

    Cash Balance Plans can be complex and require a plan advisor with deep expertise. Fisher is one of America's top advisory firms with experience helping business owners set up this sophisticated strategy.

Must-See 2-Minute Video

Cash Balance 101 for Business Owners

Are you missing out on tax advantaged savings? Watch this short video from a Fisher small business specialist and learn how a Cash Balance Plan may help you.

How Much Can You Save with a Cash Balance Plan?

Fund a sizable portion of your retirement savings using money that you would otherwise pay in taxes. Download this helpful infographic to view additional tools and resources.

Cash Balance Case Study

See how a high-earning business owner can use an IRS-sanctioned strategy to reduce her tax bill by over $100K1 a year.

Cash Balance Guide

Questions about Cash Balance plans? Everything you need to know to unlock huge savings.

Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Tell us a little about your situation for an estimate of just how much you could be saving on your tax bill (and putting into your own pocket).

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Total Plan Contribution
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Cash Balance Contribution
401(k) Contribution
Annual Personal Tax Savings
Annual Corporate Tax Savings

401(k) Only

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Cash Balance Contribution

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401(k) Contribution

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Annual Personal Tax Savings

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Annual Corporate Tax Savings

401(k) with Profit Sharing

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Annual Tax Savings

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Cash Balance Contribution

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401(k) Contribution

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Annual Personal Tax Savings

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Annual Corporate Tax Savings

401(k) with Profit Sharing and Cash Balance

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Annual Tax Savings

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Cash Balance Contribution

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401(k) Contribution

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Annual Personal Tax Savings

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Annual Corporate Tax Savings

2021 Contribution Limits

Save this handy table to determine just how much you could be contributing to your own retirement — with and without applying a Cash Balance to your retirement program.

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  • 1This is based on a 60 year old business owner putting away $19,500 in individual contribution, $6,500 as a catch-up contribution, $38,500 as Profit Sharing, and $266,000 as Cash Balance per 2021 contribution limits.
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