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401k Fees And Performance
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How a "Set It And Forget It" Strategy Can Hurt Long-Term Returns

A “Set it and forget it” strategy to managing your 401(k) has the potential to miss opportunities, costing you and your employees significant returns. As the world changes, so should your funds. A fund may have seemed like the right one based on its track record when it was chosen. But because performance, strategies, managers and fees change regularly, the best fund today may not be the best fund tomorrow.

Starting a Retirement Plan

How to Start a Retirement Plan Toolkit

Starting a retirement plan is exciting. It’s one of the most powerful savings tools the government gives business owners and employees. Use this small business retirement plan toolkit to get started. Inside has important How-To Information, Tools to help you along the way, and Checklists.

Starting a Retirement Plan

Blog: How to set up a 401(k)

Review the three key steps to starting a 401(k): Choose your partners, set your goals, and start saving.

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Starting a Retirement Plan

State-Mandated Retirement Plans Comparison Chart

Business owners in CA, OR, NJ, CT, and IL either do or will have to offer a retirement plan, but it doesn’t have to be the state-offered retirement plan. If a business offers a 401(k) (or other qualified retirement plan), they meet the state’s requirements. For a quick comparison of state-mandated IRAs to other retirement plans, check out this comparison chart.

Starting a Retirement Plan
Whitepapers & Reports

5 Reasons a 401(k) is Better than a SEP or SIMPLE IRA

Here are the top five reasons why a 401(k) plan with Fisher Investments can do more for you—and your business—than a SEP or SIMPLE IRA.

Cash Balance Program
Whitepapers & Reports

Cash Balance Guide

A Cash Balance Plan can be a good retirement savings vehicle for owners of successful businesses with steady revenue. Cash Balance Plans can help business owners accelerate their retirement savings and realize significant annual tax deductions. This guide is designed to answer your questions about the risks and benefits in order to help you decide if a Cash Balance Plan is right for your firm.

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